Leasing your property

At Melbourne Property Managers we strive to deliver a service that exceeds your expectations. As an industry leader we make it our business to keep up to date with the latest technology. Inspect Real Estate is a program tailored to streamlining the Leasing process and is utilised by both landlords and tenants. It allows us to create and maintain a database of prospective tenants which can often save you time & money in securing your next tenant.

Potential tenants can register their interest for a property online and will automatically receive notifications regarding Open for Inspections. This guarantees prospects will receive important information about the property as soon as it becomes available and prompts them to proceed to the next step if they are interested. Once they have registered online, we can compile a report which aids us in following up every prospect to gage their interest in the property and provide answers to any questions they may have. Furthermore, the landlord will also receive a report highlighting the numbers of people who viewed the property, detail their feedback and other relevant data and links.

The program also provides efficient management of the application process so that it happens timely and smoothly providing feedback and updates to all parties involved. All of these things combined are aimed at securing a suitable tenant faster and hence minimising the vacancy rate for landlords.
See our OFI report example here 

Routine Inspections

As your property management experts, we treat your property with professional care and pay particular attention to detail. The first routine inspection is conducted at three months into the commencement of a new lease, with consecutive inspections every six months thereafter. We will ensure that your property is well looked after and address any maintenance issues as soon as they are identified. Our Property Managers can log maintenance issues whilst they are on site through an application, which sends the report directly to the maintenance team to action immediately. Furthermore, we utilise moisture meters for the early detection of leaks or moisture in the air, which if not identified or left unattended can result in hefty repair costs.

See our Routine report example here

Property Maintenance

We use an efficient software program called Maintenance Manager which records and tracks all maintenance requests. Before appointing an unnecessary tradespeople to your job, we will always trouble shoot the issue first to try and resolve the problem. Both tenants and landlords can track the progress of the job so at all times, all parties know what is going on. All necessary repair works will be conducted as per your instructions and by qualified, licenced and insured tradespeople from our trusted network.

In the event of an urgent repair, tenants are able to contact us 24/7 and we will arrange for the repair to be carried out. Landlords will be contacted the following morning to advise of the urgent works.


Rental Payments


With our professional property management team managing your property, you reduce the risk of rental arrears. Our thorough checks and scrutiny of applications and prospective tenant’s means we end up with the best tenants, thereby minimising the risk of rental arrears.  In the unlikely event this does occur, we take swift and appropriate action to ensure this is corrected. Our payment system allows for electronic payments and is structured for ease and convenience of tenants.

Lease Renewals & Rent Reviews: 



It is important for us to protect your financial future by ensuring you receive the optimum rental result on your property investment. At MPM we keep a close eye on market trends and how they affect rental rates and decisions on lease renewals. Our focus is on securing your investment with long term lease arrangements of suitable tenants and keeping the vacancy rate at next to nothing.

Vacating Tenants

You will be the first to know when your tenants provide us with their intention to vacate. We will then liaise with the vacating tenants to ensure your property is promptly re-advertised for lease to allow for a smooth and quick transition.  With the vacating tenant’s co-operation, we will co-ordinate property viewings in the last 14 days prior to their exit thereby giving potential prospects the opportunity to inspect and make application.