Purely Property Management:

As our name suggests, at Melbourne Property Managers, our focus is clear; Property Management. The majority of real estate agencies focus solely on property sales and the associated commissions. As such, they often tend to overlook the property management side of things. So what about those owners who don’t want to sell, but instead, want to grow and build up their investment portfolio, without the hassle of managing their own properties? At MPM, we pride ourselves on delivering a service specifically tailored to the ongoing management of your property, ensuring long term growth and success, by sourcing, securing and retaining the best tenant for your investment property.

Our Stats:

Our Occupancy Rate is consistently above 99%.

Our vacancy rate is next to nothing, with an average of just 5 days vacant across the 465 properties which we leased in the last financial year (2016/17).

Our strict arrears policy ensures that our tenants pay their rent on time. On average, 98.94% of our tenants pay their rent on or before their due date.

Dedicated Maintenance Department:

MPM boasts a dedicated maintenance department, which focuses solely on the maintenance and upkeep of your property. Having direct access to this department saves your Property Manager time and resources which could otherwise be spent on growing your investment. This dynamic team troubleshoot maintenance requests to ensure that no unnecessary trades are contracted to your property thereby avoiding unwarranted expense. We use an efficient and time saving online platform called Maintenance Manager which provides notifications to both our landlords and tenants at every stage of the maintenance process, in addition to allowing tenants to lodge their maintenance requests in real time. Our maintenance team also includes an experienced tradesman who possesses a vast practical knowledge on property maintenance, all geared towards providing a transparent and quality property management experience.

Advertising your property:

At MPM, we only employ professional photographers for advertising purposes. It is industry proven that using quality, professional photographs in your advertising generates more foot traffic, with more potential tenants viewing your property, resulting in a lower vacancy rate. We also provide a unique 360 degree virtual tour of your property which allows prospective tenants the opportunity to view the property room by room as if they were there in person. Our clients can be assured that their properties get the best professional coverage on all solid real estate platforms, which is both detailed and market attractive. Additionally, we also ensure that floor plans are used and updated by our team for all properties, with no extra cost to our landlords.


We open our properties for inspection every Saturday. The moment a property becomes vacant, we hold open for inspections twice a week, to ensure that prospective tenants have ample opportunity to come through and inspect. In addition to our quality personnel team, we use a modern and market efficient program called Inspect Real Estate, which helps to organise our database of current and prospective tenants and track all enquiries about your property. This transparent process leads to a lower vacancy rate, as timely and relevant information is made available to both landlords and tenants, as needed, with updates sent to all parties at every stage of the leasing process. We can monitor every enquiry on your property, before it has even been opened for inspection!

A whole team working for you:

All of our procedures, processes and executive decisions are arranged by top management and consistently examined, to ensure only prime property management services are delivered. So whether you speak to an assistant or a Property Manager, you can rest assured in the knowledge that a whole team is working to secure your interest. Our continuous professional development and training of our staff, pairs you with market informed and highly qualified Property Managers.

Personalised service:

The benefit of having a dedicated maintenance department, top of the range software tools and a committed team focused purely on property management, allows our Property Managers to concentrate on providing an impeccable customer service experience. Our Property Managers live, work, and breathe the areas they specialise in and have chosen these areas for convenience, lifestyle and accessibility. They aren’t just Property Managers, but passionate workers who maintain focus and dedication to managing your property as if it were their own.

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