Joshua Hellyer

Property Manager

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Property Manager

Joshua brings a logical approach to Property Management having spent many years in a technical role after graduating from his Bachelor of Science. He is passionate about his position with Melbourne Property Managers and his vibrant personality brings a fresh and friendly approach to the office.

Respected for his professionalism, Joshua is committed to establishing and maintaining trusting relationships with his colleagues and his clients.  He believes that mutual respect and understanding are paramount in being successful in the property management business and spends much of his day building rapport and providing support to those around him. Providing feedback, and open and honest communication, also play an essential part in his role and facilitate him to provide a transparent and impeccable service.

Possessing ambition and a determination to further his professional development, Joshua has set himself goals which will see him expand his portfolio in the future. He is very excited to learn new things and looks forward to exploring the opportunities for growth within MPM.

It is no surprise that Joshua has developed a passion for adventure having travelled extensively to Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and recently to Japan.  On his bucket list and yet to be achieved, is his dream to dive with whale sharks in the Philippines whilst taking in the beautiful surrounds in which they live.

When on home soil, Joshua enjoys getting away and experiencing all that the great outdoors has to offer. Whether that be hiking and exploring the wonders of this beautiful country or scuba diving in the crystal clear waters, getting lost in all this beauty is a past time for Josh.


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