Nelson Martin

Senior Happiness Manager

A little about me

Senior Happiness Manager 

When in the office, Nelson struts from room to room announcing his arrival and leaving behind a trail of smiles and echo of laughter. The first item on his agenda is usually a full staff meeting in the boardroom where he diligently sits, his attention completely captured by the morning tea that sits in the middle of the table.

Nelson leisurely wanders the halls spreading happiness to all and often stops for a good back massage or tickle on the head when they are graciously offered.

His favourite time of the day by far is lunchtime where he indulges in a degustation menu, courtesy of the entire team, followed by an afternoon nap where he curls up with a throw rug on the couch right beside Sarah.

His presence in the office creates an uplifting harmony and never fails to lift everyone’s spirits even on the most chaotic days and we are thrilled he is part of our team.

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