Nicole Scott

Front of house

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Front of house 


As our front of house and representing MPM’s core value to provide impeccable service, Nicole displays a flawless and dedicated approach to her role.  She is methodical, detailed and efficient and guarantees absolute perfection are achieved in every task she undertakes.

Nicole’s cheerful nature and positive outlook creates a refreshing aura and this permeates through the office. Complementing these qualities is a cheeky, playful Nicole who is very encouraging and supportive to other team members.  She also enjoys a practical joke and receives immense gratification to see people laughing and smiling their way through the day.

Those closest to Nicole will have witnessed the sparkle in her eye when she talks about her two great furry loves, Ebony and Hugo.  Nicole also has great love and respect for her Nan Audrey and cherishes every moment they spend together by doing crafts and reminiscing to music. Often see singing or dancing, Nicole has developed a passion for Jazz and performing and dedicates much of her spare time to contributing to the world of creative arts.

Why Nicole loves MPM:

“Meeting and dealing with so many different people is very rewarding.  We spend so much of our life at work and I consider myself very lucky to work with such great people.”


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